Intensified immunization is the strengthening of conventional immunization.

What is immunity?

Immunity refers to the body’s ability to recognize and eliminate foreign objects such as viruses and bacteria that invade, and maintain the stability of the body’s environment. Simply put, immunity is the human body’s physiological response to recognize and eliminate “foreigners”.

How to enhance immunity?

Enhance Immunity

To improve immunity, we must “prescribe the right medicine.” First, strengthening exercise and improving physical fitness are of great help to strengthening immunity. Second, reasonable diet and balanced nutrition. Supplement vitamins in moderation, but patients who suffer from gout, kidney ston es and other diseases should take it with caution. It is recommended to ask a doctor for advice before supplementing. Third, work and rest reasonably and try not to stay up late.

Immunity can neither be Low nor Hyperactive

The so-called hyperactivity mainly means that the immune system exhibits an abnormal immune excited state of foreign substances, and the most important manifestation is allergy. The so-called low is that the human body’s ability to fight foreign pathogens is hindered. Simply put, the resistance is relatively poor (the previous part is written by experts, and the source of compliance was not found) but immunity cannot be equal to resistance. Immunity is a component of the body’s resistance, and resistance means the body’s ability to resist damage and damage repair.

What are the misunderstandings that people have about immunity?

Misunderstanding 1: Immune system diseases = low immunity

Now that many people have immune system diseases, the first thought that comes up is: “Am I too weak in immunity?” In fact, immune system diseases are not equivalent to weakened immunity, but refer to an error in the immune system. It is that the immune system may misjudge “one’s own person” as an “enemy” and attack itself, leading to various immune system diseases.

Misunderstanding 2: The stronger the immunity, the better

Low blood pressure and blood sugar can easily cause bacterial and viral infections, but too high is also a disease and harmful to the human body. Immunity is the same as this principle. The immune response is too strong and the destructive power is too great, and it is also prone to autoimmune diseases such as lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid. Therefore, a good immunity should be in a balanced state, with good self-regulation ability.

Misunderstanding 3: Immunity = Resistance

People often confuse immunity with resistance, because people think that as immunity is improved, the body’s resistance is also enhanced. This is actually related to the incomplete understanding of immunity. Regulating immunity requires the participation of other systems and organs, such as the nervous system, cardiovascular system, microcirculation system, respiratory system, digestive system, and urinary system. These systems jointly constitute the body’s true resistance. Therefore, immunity is a component of the body’s resistance, and resistance means the body’s ability to resist damage and damage repair. These are obviously not the connotations of the immune system.

The relationship between human physique and immunity

Generally speaking, human physique is directly proportional to human immunity, that is, the stronger the immunity, the better the physique, the poorer the immunity, and the correspondingly poorer physique.

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