Online Teaching More Effective

The job of a teacher is not easy. It’s not about just completing the syllabus but enabling children to make something of themselves. They are not highly paid, yet they keep adapting to new requirements of the education sector. These days their job is more difficult than ever as they have to teach and manage students remotely.

No one will blame teachers if they don’t perform well or if students keep failing. However, every self-respecting teacher does his job with all his potential to groom his students. Now that there is no other option, we can only make the best of what we have. While teaching online won’t exactly be easy, you can still educate like you are in a classroom.

Add Workbooks and Games

You have to keep the kids entertained to keep them studying. A boring and dull syllabus gets in the way of that. No matter how useful your syllabus is, kids won’t learn anything if it’s not taught in the right manner. You need to use a more practical approach by using math workbooks for distance learning. Furthermore, use games that match the syllabus to make education more interesting for them.

Have Student Do More Studying

Instead of spending more time lecturing, you should have them study while you supervise them. You can’t properly convey your message when you are not in front of them. You won’t be able to see how many students are getting your message and if they actually understand it. On the other hand, giving them pre-reading work and then briefly discussing it would make learning more efficient. Furthermore, always give them homework for practice.

Conduct Q&A Sessions

These sessions won’t be just limited to the questions of students. You will also ask them questions about their learning. Conduct regular Q&A sessions at the start or end of the lecture. First, the students will ask questions to clear their confusion. Next, you will ask questions to make sure that all students actually learned what you wanted to learn.

Keep Taking Feedback of Students

It’s not always the fault of students if they are unable to learn. There have been many students who failed in school and later turned out to be geniuses and became the most successful people in their fields. You can imagine the ridicule their teachers have become. You wouldn’t want to become that teacher either, so you should always ask for the feedback of students. There is a possibility that some students who are not performing well need another way of learning that is not strictness. Some learn quickly with practical examples and some easily grasp concepts by simply listening to your lecture.

Give Personal Attention to Each Student

Each student has a unique personality and mindset. If you are teaching too many students and treating them all the same, many of them will be left behind. Your job isn’t to separate the less qualified kids, but to improve them. As an educator, you must identify what is holding them back and help them overcome those issues.

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