Distracted Driving - What Is It, Causes, How To Stop

Distracted driving is the act of driving while engaging in other activities which distract the driver’s attention away from the road. These activities can include talking to passengers, eating, adjusting music, or using a phone. While talking on the phone while driving is illegal, there are other distractions that can often be overlooked.

Terrible news to hear about the rise in the incidents of distracted driving. It is estimated that one in four car accidents are caused by distracted driving.

This post will look at the causes of distracted driving. We will look at examples of distracted driving and what to do if you think you are distracted while driving.

The EU is taking a big step forward toward holding distracted drivers responsible for their actions. Insurance companies are trying to figure out ways to rate drivers based on distracted driving behaviors. Many states have created laws against distracted driving. But, the biggest problem is the lack of accurate data on distracted driving.

Common Causes of Diverted Driving

A distracted driving incident can take place for many reasons. One of the most common causes of crashes is caused by alcohol or drug use by drivers. Both of these substances impair the ability to think and focus on the road as well as the ability to react quickly. These two substances also make it more likely that a driver will make an error or misjudge a situation on the road, which in turn increases the risk of a crash. The effects of alcohol and drugs can cause drivers to become distracted, which in turn increases the risk of a crash.

In addition to alcohol and drugs, distractions during the course of a game can result in a fatal crash. Game distraction is defined as any event or occurrence when a driver is distracted by something other than the game at hand. These events include passing to take phone messages, looking down to text, talking on the phone, playing with handheld electronic devices, using seat belts, changing the stereo, texting or calling another cell phone, or other similar events.

While there are many distractions that can lead to a crash, it is important to note that all drivers are susceptible to being distracted. It is not possible for someone to avoid being distracted while driving, so it is important to learn how to recognize and avoid distractions as best as possible. Here are some common signs of being distracted while driving:

Texting while driving: It has been estimated that over 80% of all distracted driving incidents involve texting. Drivers may read text messages, place their hands above the steering wheel, or otherwise manipulate the controls of the vehicle without fully comprehending what they are doing. As a result, other drivers may be harmed because of either physical contact between the steering wheel and the vehicle or a disruption of the signal from the car’s navigation system. Studies have shown that drivers who continually send and receive text messages while behind the wheel are at a higher risk of crashing.

Cell phone use while driving: Studies show that cellular phone use can dramatically increase a person’s chance of a crash. People use their cell phones or small handheld electronic devices such as BlackBerry, iPod, or iPhone to talk on the phone as they are driving. This increased use of handheld electronics while driving has caused a tremendous increase in the number of accidents involving cell phones. Although texting may seem harmless, studies show that text messaging can have a negative impact on a driver’s judgment and reaction time leading to a potentially devastating accident. Avoiding this distraction while on the roadway is essential for safe vehicle operation.

Rear-end collisions: Every year, there are an estimated nine hundred thousand accidents involving distracted driving. Of those nine hundred thousand accidents, nearly three hundred and fifty thousand will involve a car accident. In every one of these accidents, a motorist is distracted by something other than the road. Every year, more people are killed or injured in car accidents that were distracted by something else.

Makeup: Applying makeup while driving is another distraction that can be deadly. Some women who are applying makeup may accidentally put their hands down the road while they are doing so. It is not only possible to drop something and hit someone, it is also illegal to do so.

Interesting Facts and Statistics about Distracted Driving

In the United States, statistics show that most distracted driving crashes occur when drivers are using their cell phones or another device in the passenger seat. A study conducted in January of 2021, found that more than thirteen percent of all accidents involving vehicle collisions in the United States were caused by distracted driving.

It is common for drivers who have been involved in a distracted driving accident to experience minor injuries. Common injuries resulting from a distracted driving accident include whiplash, back pain, neck pain, dizziness, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, ear pain, blurred vision, nausea, blurred vision, breathing issues, hearing problems, and ringing in the ears.

Not all of us know the dangers involved in driving while distracted. The deadly results of distracted driving unfortunately are avoidable, with only the proper awareness and information on this topic. The risk of a disastrous accident is six times greater when texting and driving compared to driving under the influence of drugs. Texting while driving has become so common that most accidents involve some form of text messaging. The statistics regarding these accidents are actually much higher than the number of accidents due to drunk driving alone.

It is important to be alert and paying attention at all times when driving. In fact, many state driving laws now specify that all drivers must be alert and attentive at all times, not only while driving but also while sitting behind the wheel. Text messaging while driving also increases the likelihood that drivers will miss a stop sign or a red light, both of which can result in catastrophic crashes.

Distracted driving statistics show that text messaging is a much more common factor in fatal accidents. Distracted driving statistics show that the number of deaths due to cell phone-related accidents has increased dramatically over the last decade.

A distracted driving survey performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that more than three hundred teens were involved in a car accident every day, and many of these accidents occurred because of texting. Text messaging is considered to be a serious distraction that can lead to an automobile accident. Not only does it distract a teen driver, but it can distract an adult as well.

It is estimated that over thirty percent of drivers will experience some kind of distracted driving at some point during their driving career.

How to Prevent Distract Driving

When it comes to distracted driving types, there are a few things that people can do to prevent them from happening. First off, if you need to text or make a call, pull over to the side of the road where there is a clear spot and pull out your cell phone or laptop. Make sure you keep the distractions to a minimum and don’t just rely on one single source of entertainment. If you need a drink, make sure you keep a fresh one close by or in your car.

Distracted driving has been known to result in many car accidents. So if you or someone you love is distracted, you should take precautions to avoid accidents. Keep in mind that if you follow all of these suggestions, you will be able to keep your head on the road and keep your distracted driving convictions from having a deadly impact on your insurance premiums.

If you or someone you know has been injured due to someone else’s distraction, you may be able to file a lawsuit against that driver. Unfortunately, there is no sure way of knowing what is distracted driving until it has happened. Therefore, it is up to you and your legal team to determine at what point and how much damage has been done. However, a qualified personal injury attorney who is experienced with cases such as yours can provide advice concerning the best way to handle your case. He or she will advise you regarding whether it would be in your best interest to accept a ticket, fight a ticket, or go to court. An experienced attorney can also make sure that your rights are protected and will fight vigorously for your rights.


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