Car Key Battery Replacement Buying Guide

The charge level of a car key Battery Replacement in a keyless remote or the key fob that connects to a push-button start system wears down over time. Most key fobs are powered by three-volt lithium batteries carried by retailers that sell car parts online. Find out the right car key battery replacement to buy by checking the owner’s manual for your vehicle or opening your key fob.

How Long Should Car Key Batteries Last

With average use, the battery in a key fob should last three to four years. A battery may require replacement sooner or last longer based on usage. For this reason, you may only need to purchase one car key battery at a time. Most high-quality batteries for automotive remotes are priced in the $7 range.

If the key fobs for more than one vehicle use the same battery, it may be practical to purchase a multipack. The shelf life of non-rechargeable lithium batteries may be longer than 10 years when stored at room temperature. You may be able to get replacement car key batteries for one or more vehicles by purchasing more than one battery.

How To Replace Your Car Key Battery

Check the owner’s manual for your vehicle for instructions to replace the car key battery. You may need to use a flat head screwdriver or pry tool to open the side of the fob and access the battery. Other types of remotes may feature Phillips-head screws on the back side of the remote that can be loosened and removed to access the battery. Open the fob, remove the old battery and insert a new battery of the same type into the housing.

It may be necessary to reprogram a key fob to allow for keyless entry or start functions after you change the battery. Based on the make, model and free VIN lookup of a vehicle, you may have to follow a routine to reprogram or sync a keyless remote with your vehicle. Consult the owner’s manual for guidance with any additional setup requirements beyond replacing the car key battery.

When To Replace a Car Key Battery

It is a good idea to replace the battery in a car key fob when this accessory becomes less responsive. When pressing the lock or unlock button on a keyless remote does not immediately have the desired effect on the doors of a vehicle, a conventional remote may require battery replacement. A fob that connects or syncs with a push-button starter may also stop working and require battery replacement.

Most car key fobs provide access to and secure a vehicle. An alarm function can also be used for security purposes. Newer cars with keyless entry fobs that sync with the vehicle to allow for push-button start functions may also require replacement batteries. A three-volt battery such as a CR2032 or 2025 model or another type of lithium battery may be necessary to maintain the function of a car key. The thickness and diameter of these batteries will determine whether contact is made to allow for consistent remote function.


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