After Divorced Plan

Divorces can be not only a sad affair, but also a potentially complicated one. It’s not quite as simple as just leaving your partner, signing a bit of paper and moving on with your life.
If you have children involved, then it becomes even more harder for the whole family, not to mention the potential legal complications.

Breaking The News

Firstly, and more importantly, consider how your children find out. You’ll know your children better than anyone and will know what’s going through their head.

Remember, there’s no easy way to break the news. But if possible, try to have both parents there for the conversation. No child wants to hear about the divorce from the top of the stairs after a big fight. This memory will stick for life, so make it a peaceful one.

If you can, practice what you’re going to say beforehand. This is more for your benefit to prepare you for telling your children. As without preparation, it’s possible you’ll get upset or even angry during the talk.

Depending on the age of your child, they will be able to handle it differently. But no matter what, make sure you tell them it’s nothing to do with them. Children will always try to blame themselves so reassure them.

The Logistics With Custody

Away from the pain of a divorce and the heartbreak it can cause with your kids, there is sadly something more serious to consider.

Getting a divorce when both partners have their own children involved can be messy. When you watch TV, you see it a lot more dramatized, showing who ‘wins’.

The big secret is that it’s not about winning or losing when it comes to custody support, it’s about working together.

You should absolutely hire a child custody attorney, as there is a lot of complication involved legally when it comes to this issue. But find one that will not have just your interests at heart, but your children too.

Fullenweider Wilhite are a specialized family law firm with child custody attorneys in Houston, TX who know that children have unique needs. They realize that children getting support involved working together to create a plan.

There’s more that family law firms can offer to you than what you think you know. Such as

  • Paternity tests
  • Relocation concerns
  • Grandparent rights

This is just to name a few, don’t hesitate contacting your attorney for questions regarding the care and support for your children.


After a divorce, it’s more than likely you’ll be in a new environment. Same for your children and ex-partner. You will all have to deal with it, and assuming everything goes smoothly, custody rules and plans will be drawn up.

This will be hard for the child; you’ve got to do the best to make them feel comfortable in two homes. Let them have a say in the new home, especially at the early stages when creating a bedroom. If possible, try to make it seem familiar so it’s a bit of an easier adjustment.

You’ll soon get into a routine that works for both parents and children. It won’t be easy, but it will be for the best.

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