When peeking ahead into the future, it’s always intriguing to imagine what interior design will look like. Still, you want to leave room open for your own imaginative touches and aesthetic quirks. After all, if you are just following the crowd, then you are missing out on some wonderful opportunities. This is certainly true of kitchens, with their unlimited opportunities for creativity in color, pattern and texture, not to mention lighting, flooring and functional verve. With that in mind, what will the kitchen of the near future look like and what new possibilities are on the horizon for the best interior designers with a California vibe?

Kitchen Trends for the 2020s

Kitchen trends 2020

The recent past for many has been all about the sleek, modern look of white, and the focus on gray and subdued colors. So, the bold use of color could well be a thing into the foreseeable future, allowing for a run of creativity and imagination that could easily carry designers and customers through the decade. Look for these enhancements to the neutral past:

  • Vibrant, stylish cabinetry with modern hardware
  • Stone counters that highlight dynamic patterns
  • Patterned flooring that adds energy to the space
  • Back splash tiles in geometric designs or herringbone patterns

To make room for fresh ideas some formerly hot items will be replaced. These include the ubiquity of white subway tiles, the choice of formality over function and the desire for perfection. Showcasing a client’s unfettered personality will allow an interior designer Pacific Palisades to tailor kitchen spaces in distinctive ways. Call it creative collaboration at its finest. The Faux look may also be a casualty of the the next decade, slowly receding into the distant past. The desire for authenticity in design will likely make inroads into high-end kitchens.

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Tile and Counter Directions for the Next Decade

Kitchens offer opportunities for both tile and stone counter in the areas of color, texture and pattern. A monochromatic tile choice can be enlivened with a bit of texture with some bas relief, while a speckled pattern injects some vibrancy into a room. Depending upon the preferences of the client, tile patterns can take their cue from technology, nature or both, incorporating a postmodern vibe or a simple and relaxing elegance.

While granite countertops still add value and beauty to kitchens, quartz may be the dominant choice looking ahead for high end interior designers Malibu Ca. It requires less maintenance than granite and has seen a welcome increase in the availability of varied patterns. New technology has created a choice of stone patterns and colors and finishes. You will also have the choice of sinks made from the same material as countertops, a trend that has benefits for both functionality and design.

Finally, it’s time to give technology its due, as kitchens will continue to get smarter in the future. These innovations include everything from faucets that turn on when hands are placed beneath it to refrigerators that inform you when you are low on milk or juice. Of course, the goal of the designer is to not let the the pushy intelligence of technology outshine the beauty of the kitchen.


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