Best Areas to Find Apartments in Chicago

If you are new in Chicago city, then it is nothing surprising that finding apartments here is a very daunting and tiring activity. But after you research the different areas inside this beautiful city, you will discover the best places depending on what you want from the city. From dog-friendly apartments near you to exhilarating nightlife along with perfect public transportation options, Chicago neighborhoods have it all to provide the best experience to the dwellers. So, let us go through some of the best areas to find an apartment in Chicago.

Hyde Park

If you are a student or a professor or need to stay around educational institutions, then Hyde Park is the most affordable and reliable area to settle in. If you compare the affordability scale all around Chicago, this neighborhood falls in the middle with having one-bedroom apartments with a median of $1,200. You can reside beside the University of Chicago, but the only negative aspect of the suburb is that it does not consist of maximum nightlife and no diverse communities.

West Loop

West Loop is a region filled with young individuals who cherish exceptional nightlife and explicit restaurant options. The trending marketplace here is similar to that of New York and comes with luxury apartments converted from old warehouses. Communities here are very friendly and are always considerate in welcoming newcomers by not throwing uncomfortable raises for the apartments. That is why the young professionals will find affordable apartments according to their desire in this sector.


Beverly consists of communities for which people all around the world crave for. The apartments and houses here are designed close to each other, making it more like a colonial region. However, the attractive houses and the Irish pubs are the main attention in the southwest part of this neighborhood. It is mainly suitable and may be considered the perfect area for transferring with families and will have the advantage of receiving many public transportation options.

Rogers Park

Compared with other neighborhoods in Chicago, Roger’s Park is a bit unpopular amongst the normal people because of its affordability scale. But it inherits the most amazing nightlife and is the heart of tourist spots because of its exquisite scenery. You will be able to discover diverse cuisine throughout the suburb.

Wicker Park

Suppose you are looking for the most fashionable and trendy neighborhood in Chicago. In that case, Wicker Park is the perfect option because it is an artsy region filled with unique restaurants, bars, and shopping complexes. However, you may find it difficult to afford apartments here. That is why young couples and adventurous professionals should opt for this region to experience their dream life.

Chicago is like a maze, but once you find the correct path, it will not take long to live the life you have always dreamt of. It consists of amazing nightlife, wonderful communities, exemplary food cuisines, and numerous tourist spots. If you consider Texas or California, you will surely find the Chicago apartments affordable and are constructed to meet the dwellers’ desires.


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