Tips to Improve Your Internet Connection at Home

Whoever doesn’t want a faster Internet connection? If you’re working or studying from home during this time of pandemic, guess all you’d ever want is a reliable connection. But if slow Internet starts getting you down, you might immediately think of switching plans or Internet providers. Should you decide to change your current plan, you can find wifi deals with

Now, experts say you could speed up your connection without having to spend too much time and money. Follow these simple tips below.

Check your router

Is it placed inside your closet or in some remote location in your home? If so, move it to a place where it catches the Wi-Fi signal the most and the best place is the middle section of the house. However, if your home has a second floor where you hang out most of the time, you may put the router on that same level.

By repositioning your router, you’d know the difference in speed. So, position it in the most central and prominent spot in your home, not hide it in a corner or inside a drawer. Even walls and bookshelves can diminish the Wi-Fi signal in your abode.

In case your best spot may not have a flat surface, the best way is to attach your router halfway up a wall, away from gadgets such as wireless keyboards, baby monitors including microwaves, and all other devices that utilize electromagnetic waves.

How about if you have other gizmos such as a laptop and console? As these things require physical proximity to a router, you may need to install some creative cabling so that the router stays in a much better position.

Give your router and modem a rest

Experts advise that routers should be given a break once each month so that Internet connection is refreshed. If you have a separate modem, then it’s good to reset it, likewise. If you turn your modem on and off, connection to the ISP is stimulated.

Feel that fresh Internet feeling when you wake up in the morning! Such a move is a pretty easy fix and yet don’t expect some magic to get the fastest speed you wanted. There could be some other unknown causes for your slow connection.

Make use of an ethernet cable

It’s the most common type of network cable that connects wired devices together to the local area network, for instance, routers, switches, and PCs so that Internet can be accessed and files are shared. FYI, a wired connection is faster and more stable. What’s more, it cannot be affected by other devices when those are used at the same time.

There’s only one disadvantage to it though – you cannot just bring your laptop anywhere you want to because of the wire. That’s a little inconvenient, you know. Then again, an ethernet cable gives you the fastest Internet that’s best used on a gaming console or a streaming box. Your cable man just has to be creative in installing the wires by keeping a tidy job and not having the wires spread across the floor.


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