Spouse Cheating Signs

Have you ever wondered if Your Spouse is faithful to you? Many people tend to be blindsided to possible signs of infidelity. Still, others can tell right away that something is wrong and start to look up how to survive a divorce immediately. If you start thinking that cheating is a possibility, the chances are that something is up.

Having this particular “feeling” is not something you should ignore. However, you should always gather proof before you confront your spouse. The signs of infidelity are different in every relationship, but there are some clear, universal indicators that can tell you that something is wrong. Read on and find out what the most common signs are.

They’ve Been Acting Strangely

A partner who is cheating will often act differently because they are worried that you will catch them and confront them about it. They will alter their behavior and try to hide their actions from you because they are afraid of being caught.

The most common way they will change their actions is by spending more time away from home or trying to avoid being alone with you. If they suddenly start going out with friends a lot more often, making excuses for everything, or if they are always unavailable on the phone when you call them, then that might be a red flag. If your partner is willing to make an excuse for the smallest things, there might be a possibility that they are attempting to cover up something deeper.

You Receive Less Attention

If your partner was previously very attentive towards you and now they seem to care less, this could be a sign that they have lost interest in the relationship or changed their feelings towards you. Cheaters tend to lose interest in the person they are with because they focus more on the other person. If your spouse starts to give you far less attention than ever before, it’s a good sign that something is going on behind your back.

You can look back over the past few weeks and months and compare how much affection you received from them before the suspected cheating started happening. If you notice that there is a significant change in it, it might be a sign.

Their Cell Phone Usage Has Changed

Cell Phone Usage

If your partner’s cell phone usage has changed, this might mean they are hiding something from you. It might mean that they are either texting someone else or taking a lot more calls from other people (especially if they were not doing this before). However, keep in mind that their willingness to keep their phone to themselves is their right to personal space and privacy, which you have to respect.

They’ve Stopped Discussing Future Plans With You

To maintain a healthy relationship, it is essential to develop it as well as evolve within it individually. And that cannot be possible without making any joint plans for the future. If your partner stops discussing shared plans with you or doesn’t seem interested in talking about the future altogether, this might be a sign that all is not well in paradise and that there might be some trouble brewing in your relationship.

They’ve Stopped Answering Your Questions

If your spouse stops responding to your questions or stops answering your phone calls all of a sudden, it might be a sign that something is going on. When your partner doesn’t want you to find out about their infidelity, they will make sure that they answer your questions as vaguely as possible so that they don’t give anything away.

They may also ignore your calls altogether or make up excuses for why they can’t come home to be with you. Being afraid of getting caught might be the primary reason they are trying so hard to avoid being alone with their significant other.

Final Thoughts

Finding out that your spouse is cheating on you is a hard thing to accept and process. That’s why you don’t want to jump to any conclusions and make any hasty decisions here. If you feel that your relationship has changed but cannot see the reason on the surface, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner is cheating on you. The only thing that it actually means is that you need to talk.

First of all, it will allow you to understand what is going on instead of continuing with overthinking and looking for signs that might not have anything in common with cheating in your particular case. Secondly, even if there is infidelity in your relationship, you will get the opportunity to find out the reasons and answers to all your possible questions. This might not save your current relationship but will be helpful in building a new one later.


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